Khao Lak Community Appeal

Charity No:1108806

The Khao Lak Community Appeal was launched in January 2005 in memory of six British friends who died in the tragic events of the Tsunami on Boxing Day 26th December 2004. They were staying in Khao Lak, the most devastated area in Thailand. The charity is also in recognition of the fantastic people of Khao Lak, who did so much to help survivors, having lost virtually everything themselves.

The Appeal’s aim is to raise £1million to build new and improve existing facilities at the local school and for community use as well. The charity will also support eleven young children throughout their schooling and further education years, all who lost their mothers in the wave.

Facilities opened in October 2006 – The response to the Appeal was fantastic, and in ten months £1million needed to build the facilities had been raised. Building work started on the project in June 2005 and had its opening ceremony in October 2006.